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List Maintenance


Welcome to the UNC School of Medicine ListServ Gateway

For many years, the School of Medicine supported a Lyris listserver to facilitate email communication among groups. That standalone system has been merged with the campus service to consolidate equipment, maintenance and support, but without losing the existing "email domain" @listserv.med.unc.edu. This site is your gateway to create new lists in that email domain, and to delete such lists when they're no longer useful. Please note that you have the option to create lists with either the @listserv.med.unc.edu or @listserv.unc.edu domain. Lists with the "med" component are handled here, those with simply "unc" are handled on campus.

The navigation on the left includes buttons to create a list and delete a list. They will present a form to be filled out with the information necessary to create a list or to authorize one to be deleted. The other buttons are quick links:

  • Home — returns to this information
  • Manage — links to the login page
  • Resources — links to campus' utilities page
  • FAQ — links to campus' help documentation

Logging in to your listserv

Your listserv username is the email address by which you are subscribed. Your password is not connected in any way to your Onyen password. In fact, for security reasons, the use of Onyen passwords on a listserv is discouraged. However, if you work with multiple lists, we do recommend using the same password for all the lists you need to manage.

If you have difficulty logging in, please make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. If you have forgotten your password, you can get it reset. For other questions or more specific help, call 919-962-HELP or submit a Help Request via Remedy.